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Why to use WordPress for Digital Marketing in 2023?

Having a  Business Website is one of the most important factors in your Digital Marketing Strategy because it not only establishes credibility but also improves the online presence of your business. There are mainly two ways by which you can have your own website: 

  1. Using any Content Management System (CMS) including WordPress and Shopify.
  2. Website Development in any Programming Language like Nodejs , Python , PHP. 

Whether to use WordPress or some other Programming language for the Website Development, depends on the client requirements. We in this article are going to get you acquainted with the the benefits of using wordpress as a tool for the website development.

  1. WordPress is Free! 

wordpress.org is a free CMS! It lets you do anything from website customization to deployment. That is here you have complete flexibilty, with where you want to install it , how you would like to customize it and  where you want to host it. But remember only wordpress.org is free. wordpress.com is a paid service that hosts your wordpress site and provides with it other features as well.

  1. Easy to Install!  

It can be installed with a single click! Like every other generic purpose software wordpress can be easily  installed, within a minute or two – provided your internet connection is a stable one. 

  1. The best UI/UX! 

UI is User Interface and UX is User Experience! Having better UI/UX means higher engagement on your part and subsequently higher sales. WordPress library consists of tons of themes (templates) which have great ui/ux .Often times we don’t need to customize the themes as these come with demo content that makes the Website ready to use. 

  1. Flexibility : 

This feature comes in to play when your requirements demand more features than wordpress already has. We can always achieve those functionalities with the help of plugins. WordPress has almost 50,000 plugins in its library which are built to increase the functionality of WordPress. Also, we can develop any kind of website with the help of these plugins.

  1. Blogs :  

WordPress provides an incredible dashboard where you can easily manage your blogs, you can even schedule and make them as a draft to publish in the future.

  1. SEO : 

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your Website so that your site could land up on the first page of the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) of Google, or any other search engine. This improves the visibility of your Website, the traffic, and ultimately the Conversions.

  1. Integration to Social Media : 

Sometimes it becomes tedious to go to every Social Media Platform and publish your posts. However, with the help of Plugins, WordPress can be easily integrated with Social Media, and from the WordPress Dashboard, you can share & manage posts on your different handles.

  1. Analytics  and Tracking: 

Once you are done with the website development and have optmised your site for a better SERP, the next step would be to keep a watch on the results. Keeping a watch on the results means, you should analyse where the traffic to your website is coming from. You can devise your strategy according to whether the traffic was coming from social media platforms or other websites. Wordpress gives you specific plugins to achieve this analysis and tracking part. 

  1. Easy to maintain and Update:

After development, Websites need maintenance. Just Like Installation, WordPress is easy to maintain and Update. Let us know if your have any questions regarding the working of the wordpress. We will be glad to help you out.