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Importance of content in the digital world!

Shakespeare once said, “All the World’s a stage, and all men and women merely players,”. Well, the world has moved to the internet, turning it into a new stage, where all of us are playing our part. And obviously, the internet has also become the new marketplace where the rules of the old-world marketplace no longer hold true. The game has changed! 

This marketplace, which has been shrunk and brought to your palmtop, requires a new set of skills to maneuver through and make the most of it for our businesses – for which a whole new world of opportunities has been thrown open. As always, we evolved with the changes around us, and this time around we have come up with the revolutionary “digital marketing” into play to milk the internet and grow our business. 

What is digital marketing? 

Really simply put, this is the branch of marketing where we market our products on the internet, with the use of mobile phones, desktops, and other digital devices. The platforms for this kind of marketing include social media, websites, blogs, emails, and other things where we showcase our products and expect the customers to be pulled in, rather than being pushed to buy our products and/or services.  

We at Wudav Brand Stories, like to think of this whole gamut as a necklace. This beautiful necklace and all its pearls are held together by a thread, called content or in this case digital content. Be it your website, a blog, emails, or your posts on social media – content has to be and is the defining factor on how effective your digital marketing is going to be today and in the longer run. 

Why is digital content this important? 

The world has changed and your fickle customer on the internet does not believe in being pushed to buy a product or a service. This new-age customer needs to be lured or pulled in, and it is not possible unless the content does not interest this customer or lures him to your blog or the website, or for that matter a social media handle. 

This content, if presented in the right way to the customer will immediately generate interest, lead the customer to your platform and to the products, and in the long run, this content will be imperative in deciding how trusted a brand you become for your existing as well as your potential customer. If the content is used in an effective way, not only will it cost less than the traditional marketing tactics, it will also generate more leads. This is a proven fact! 

The question that arises here is how content-driven digital marketing helps us build a brand as well as trust. 

The first and foremost thing with content is, it helps us get a grasp of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines, like Google, rely greatly on content to decide what kind of customers they bring to your website. If the content is good, the search engines, through their algorithms, will push your website, social media handles, or pages towards the top of the search results automatically bringing more and more people to your platform and a step closer to your products. Once the customer is on your website or your social media handles, it is again good content that will hold them there for a longer period of time and subsequently build a relationship of trust. 

This is because people around the world have proven to be content-hungry in the era of social media. People read about brands, about products. The tech-savvy people around the world spend a considerable amount of time reading content. And given the fact that almost every business around the world is using digital marketing as a tool to grow, content lets you set yourself apart from your competitors. If you have good content, than your competitor, it will immediately set you a notch higher at least till the products speak for themselves. Having said that, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind before we set out to write great content. The fickleness and the fluidity of the internet need to be taken into account, always, because the content you write today might not be relevant a week down the line. 

Content writers need to be on their toes and keep upgrading their skills with each passing day if they need their content to be recognized. It is a continuous and almost never-ending process. Stay away from content writing if you are not ready to evolve day in and day out. Also, make your content shareable. The netizens are hungry and always looking for content that will bring more and more people to their own handles, and pages, and they really do not care where the content is coming from. 

If your content is sharable, people will love to pick it and the more it is shared, the more beneficial it is going to be for you and your business. So, the next time you set out to write content for your brand, weave it in a way that is sharable. We appreciate the time you have spent here on our blog. Will see you again with more information.