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How to grow organically in the world of digital marketing!

With the advent of internet and now social media, the way to do business has changed, and so has the way to approach customers. Digital marketing has reached altogether a new level by digging behind the old, traditional way of doing business. It has became a standard tool for businesses to grow not only locally but worldwide. With the passage of time, it has become an absolute must for businesses to be digitally present on various platforms. This not only lets the businesses expand their reach, but it also allows them to build a certain trust in their audience, towards the brand they are showcasing.  

A robust social media presence also ensures the development of a brand, creation of brand awareness, engagement with the audience and creation of a unique connection with them, no matter which part of the world they are dwelling in. Besides, digital marketing is way too easier than the traditional form of advertising, apart from being cheaper. Throughout the pandemic we have witnessed many established brands as well as startups making huge gains through their robust online presence and marketing.  

These businesses have been able to create a valuable audience for their niche, and the much needed trust among their target customers as well.There are however, some key points one needs to keep in consideration before taking the digital marketing plunge, and be able to cash in on the investments made in this segment. 

Being present at different platforms

Social media has around half of the world’s population hooked, as of now, with an average use of two hours and 27 minutes. This usage translates into around 2.8 billion Facebook users and more than 1.3 billion Instagram users around the globe. Imagine reaching out to even a small chunk of this huge number, and the wonders it can do for your business. Having said that, you can fathom how important and how beneficial it must be to have your presence felt over social media platforms. You can engage with potential customers from over the world, with a strong social media presence and build a relationship of trust, reliability, and mutual admiration. 

Strong First Impression

First impression has always been important and with things moving into the virtual space, it has become all the more imperative to hold the attention of our intended audience. The digital presence will be incomplete if we do not create an astonishing first impression, which attracts the audience and hold them on your page for a longer period of time. Remember, the longer they stay, the more engaged they will be in whatever you are doing or selling, for that matter. A good first impression will create a sense of reliability and trust among your target audience, and will go a long way in generating leads for you. 

Defining the brand

Brands/businesses should define themselves on every platform, incorporating all the necessary information to build trust among the users. Ensure your brand is representative, aligned, and explained. It’s not just the brand name or logo it is who you are! What your niche is? What you are selling and what services are on offer? your expertise? quality assurance? relaibility? How is your business different from competitors? This gives a clear and concise description of your brand.

A perfect social media strategy

Social media strategy is a plan with the help of which we can achieve our brand’s goals, be it sales, engagement, brand awareness, or driving traffic. There should be a proper strategy for content that has to be shared. Consistency and timing are important so that we can be clear about our audience and which strategy we should apply to our brand. Social media strategy helps in getting proper insights into which content is liked by the audience. This helps in connecting with people who are interested in our brand and whom we are trying to reach. With a good social media strategy we can achieve our goals in a better way. 

Social media strategy should be made keeping in mind:

  • What interests and intrigues the audience.
  • Business competitors.
  • Content calendar.
  • Insights of various platforms.
  • Latest trends and topics. 
  • Content that is relevant to the brand.

Social media analytics.

It enables the brand to understand the audience they are communicating with. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter equip us with insights by which we can observe and analyze the content and strategy that works for our brand. We can get insights on the age, location, and timing of our audience, and the platform that is working for the brand. Other insights include engagement rate, reach, impression, followers, likes, views, and shares.  By analyzing these insights businesses can create a strong strategy, better content, and drive more engagement and sales.

User-generated content.

Creating content that covers the interest of the audience helps in developing the brand and building a strong connection with the audience. Audience prefers the content that is shareable, fascinating, and real. Businesses should engage with the customers to gain their trust and create a real and authentic audience which helps in reliability, growth, awareness, and performance. 

Creating content that involves the audience such as polls, CTA’s (Call To Action), and Q&A has more engagement and helps in identifying real audiences and creating a bond with them.